New Haven Area traffic cameras
Select camera from links below

Milford N/B Exit 36","Plains Road"
Milford S/B Exit 38","Milford Parkway"
Milford S/B Between Exits 39 & 38","West River Road"
Milford S/B Between Exits 39 & 38","Orange Ave"
Milford N/B Exit 39","Boston Post Road"
Milford N/B Exit 40","East Town Road"
Milford N/B Exit 40","Woodmont Road"
Milford N/B Between Exits 40 & 41","At Milford Rest Area"
West Haven S/B Between Exits 42 & 41","Morgan Lane"
West Haven N/B Between Exits 41 & 42","Ailing Crossing"
West Haven S/B East of Exit 42","Greta St"
West Haven S/B Exit 43","First Ave"
New Haven N/B Between Exits 44 & 45","Kimberly Ave"
New Haven N/B Between Exits 45 & 46","Long Wharf Dr"
New Haven N/B Exit 47","Canal Dock"
Route 34 Brewery St","North of I-95 Exit 47"
I-91 New Haven Exit 48","North of I-95 Exit 48"
New Haven N/B Exit 48 ","East St"
New Haven N/B Exit 49","Stiles St"
S/B Exit 51 ","Saltonstall Parkway"
N/B Between Exits 52 & 53","West of Lake Saltonstall)"
Branford N/B Between Exits 52 & 53","Hosley Ave"
Rte 1 Branford N/B ","At I-95 Exit 53"
Branford N/B Between Exits 53-54 ","At Branford Service Area"
Branford N/B West of Exit 54","Todds Hill Road"
Branford S/B Between Exit 54 & 55","Chestnut Hill Road"
Branford N/B Between Exit 54 & 55","Mill Plain Road"
Branford S/B Exit 55 ","At Rte 1 Ramp North"
Branford N/B west of Exit 56","At Exit 56"
Branford N/B Exit 56 ","At Leetes Island"